• Media Buying

Experience counts, our professionals are major market experienced, and can help you develop any size plan.

  • Media Planning

 Planning requires tested talent and we have it!

  • Campaign Development

A campaign focused on your audience where the are when they are there is more than a buy, it takes analysis and execution expertly applied.

We’re your scale-able AD Agency & Multimedia Production Company.

We won’t waste your money making "Star Wars” with a cast of thousands, when what you need is solid business media. Spirited-USA provides specialty proprietary services to business. We help companies break out of their rut, drive their message to the marketplace, preserve heritage, leverage the newest methods in media to compete, and excel in today's world.

We won't waste your time and resources with months of analysis and theory; we'll work with you to accomplish the tasking in a concise and effective way using our practical experience from the field.  

Spirited USA provides initial consultation at no charge. Now that you know a bit about us, pick up the phone and set an appointment. Let's get together and create something to lift your enterprise to a new level. 

Let us be the tool for your creativity. That is what we call Spirited Performance. Just call and set your goals, we have the experienced marketing, media, and planning pros. 

Spirited USA, since 1988.

  • Project Consultation (Free in most cases!)

  • Agency Media Buying

  • Video Production

  • Audio Design

  • Website Design

  • Interactive Multimedia Creation 

  • Artwork and Layout
  • Distribution


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