The Company: 

Spirited-USA provides proprietary services to business that protects or extends our clients ability to manufacture, process, retail, or service their client base. We help companies create advertising that gets results, preserve their heritage, leverage the newest methods in media to learn, compete, and excel in today's world. We won't waste your time and resources with months of analysis and theory, we'll work with you to accomplish the tasking in a concise and effective way using our practical experience from the field. The processes we use are proven over many decades of client service. Just like our people. 

Your Producer:

During his “On-Air” career, Bob Lange hosted a radio program based in Washington D.C. at ABC, one of America’s largest and most well known broadcast companies.  He has also produced internationally successful music videos, and has won a regional ADDY. Bob studied under the mentorship of many Hollywood industry leaders in teleproduction, including voting members of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Bob produced hundreds of TV and radio ads for the GMC Truck national agency (CE), and is listed in Who’s Who in Media & Communications. During his many years at Honeywell Inc. (FM&T). Lange turned the production department into an award winning enterprise, winning their first of over 16 Telly Awards, and Communicator Awards, beginning shortly after his arrival in 1995. Six Sigma certified, Bob understands the constant change of technology and has designed methodologies for customers who are striving to do better in their use of various media. His ideas and leadership skills are admired by clientele, and his work ethic is directed at continuous improvement through team building. Website:

Your Marketing Specialist:

Chris Lange has been marketing in top 5 and top 100 media markets since 2007. His expertise includes media groups, ad agencies, online and social campaigns. Speak with Chris to learn more about today's marketplace and how you can use it. Media buying, Media planning, full-on campaign design and execution are among his professionally recognized and award winning skills. Contact: or


1.) The Dept. of Energy/ NNSA Knowledge Preservation Program. (Over 10 years) Preserved processes and deployed tacit knowledge not held in traditional media. Work performed through Honeywell FM&T

2.) The Dept.of Homeland Security/TSA/Motor Carrier Safety Provided video and DVD programming for HAZMAT Security Training DVDs.

3.) Spirited USA has produced media for Fortune 100 companies like Honeywell Inc. Northrop Grumman, Cumulus Media SFO, and agencies from coast to coast.

4.) Please ask for recent projects as there are hundreds of them over the decades of Spirited Performance we have delivered.

Spirited-USA. Quality multimedia since 1988.